312 Exercise - Acupoint (Zusanli)

"Zusanli"(足三里穴) is located on the small leg of the Stomach Meridian.

Since the the Stomach Meridian travels throughout the body from the head to the toes, not only digestive disorders but also other diseases such as : fever, headache, toothache, mental disorders, asthma, hypertension, cardiac vascular diseases, arthritis, jaundice, palpitation, urological diseases etc. can be treated by acupuncture or massage at "Zusanli".

"Zusanli" has been accepted as the point of longevity in China and other South east-Asian countries among the ages.

In summary, massage of the three acupoints:
1. "Hegu" is in charge of the arm and head,
2. "Neiguan" is in charge of the chest, heart and lung,
3. "Zusanli" is in charge of lower limbs, vescera and bowels,
so the diseases of the whole body can be cured and prevented at all.