312 Exercise - Abdominal Respiration

The [1] of the 312 exercise refers to the exercise of one abdominal respiration which is a simple basic Qigong training without side effect. It can be taken twice a day with a duration of 5 minutes each time.

When practicing, one can either lie or sit down with the whole body relaxed. One should think about nothing else but concentrating your mind at the "Dantian"(丹田), 5 cm below the novel, and keep the chest stable to eliminate any chest respiration. During inhalation, one has to inflate one's abdomen by the relaxation of abdominal muscles as much as possible in 5 second or so and then to exhale. During exhaling, the abdominal muscles should be contracted slowly as much as possible and the abdomen drawn in.

There are at least 9 meridians passing through the lower abdomen. They are doubly symmetrical lines of the Kidney, Stomach, Spleen meridians and the central "Ren"(任) meridian. During abdominal breathing, following the movement of the abdominal muscles, all the 9 meridians should be activated. A lot of chronic diseases, such as hypertension, insomnia, diabetes etc have been proved to be effective.